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Communicate with our Commission

Communication with our Commissioners and Mayor before Monday night will be key to ensuring they know exactly where the neighborhood stands on this topic.  Please reach out to each of them at the following email addresses

Below is a sample email that can be used.  In my experience with City Government, I feel this is the best way to communicate our desire without bias.  No one ever wants a development in their back yard, but not many can say that in a logical manner.

Sample Letter to Copy and paste

Dear Honorable (Commissioner or Mayor),

Item 13 on your agenda for Monday September 23, 2019 is the approval of rezoning of the single family properties on Knowles and Harrison.  I am writing you today to respectfully request you do not approve this change in zoning.

This space needs to be redeveloped, no one will deny that, but what can be said of any development is that it should conform to the characteristic of our established neighborhood.  These units carry on an industrial styling that is encroaching on single family homes.  Great strides have been made to change that section of Royal Oak from old industrial 30 years ago, and this 4 story unit will take us a step backwards.

Furthermore, I am extremely concerned that over 80 mature trees will be removed as part of this project.  That tree canopy will take generations to regrow, even with 2 trees planted for every 1 removed.  The removal of the grove of trees, along with all the new cement will create a heat island that will be detrimental not only to our neighborhood but to our city.

Finally the height of these builds, along with their terraces facing into backyards goes directly against our master plan.  Also against the master plan is setbacks that do not confirm with existing single family zoning rules.  Some setbacks from the property line on this project is at just over 7 feet!  I would encourage you to review section 1.3 of the master plan before making your decision.


In closing I want to thank you for hearing my concerns.  I am excited to see new neighbors on the land one day, I just hope whoever lives there can preserve our neighborhood while they are moving in.

Thank you,

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