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senior center
senior center

Royal Oak is a great community, with a diverse and growing population.  As we welcome new neighbors into Royal Oak, we must make sure seniors have a place to live out their twilight.  I propose a dedicated committee to oversee the city efforts and ensure Royal Oak is a place for all. 
Proposed Commission on the Aging

Commission on Aging will coordinate, provide and initiate programs, and promote the independence and well-being of older adults of Royal Oak and supporting family caregivers


  • Board oversight of Senior Center director

  • Improve standard of services to the aging and recommend new services for the aging

  • Improve senior safety

  • Improve communication of services, activities, and other benefits available to the aging

  • Coordinate senior transportation services

Oversight and Authority
  • Hiring and firing of Senior Center director

  • Approval of Senior Center Budget

  • Advisory (non actionable)

  • Review of changes to transportation options to ensure optimal senior service

  • Review of housing utilizing public lands to encourage both affordability and availability for seniors

Taking simple steps now can ensure ​we remain a community for all our citizens.