We have a great community, with strong neighborhoods, and quality city services. But to keep
things on the right track, we need leadership that listens, understands the needs of our
residents and is always striving to improve on what’s not working. With your support, I will
dedicate my passion, skills, and expertise to making Royal Oak even better. 
Neighborhood Preservation

Create strong neighborhoods through, Better maintaining our parks & protect greenspace, holding landlords and builders accountable, and growing our neighborhood associations


Adhere to the design of the city master plan, and strive to maintain the integrity and individuality of our neighborhoods

Encourage residents to take advantage of city services that offer tree planting on public easements.


Quality Public Services

Support our Police, Fire & EMT to keep our community safe

Increase opportunity for seniors in our city by funding quality programming at our senior center and improved transportation options

Be a voice for residents that are have issues with DPS, and advocate on their behalf

Invest in the Farmers' Market, repairing crumbling infrastructure and ensure the Market last another 100 years!



Increasing Community Engagement:

• Increase resident participation in all decisions

• Better use technology to share information

• Strengthen & empower citizen boards and committees


Ensure that our community fosters a culture of safety, awareness, and tolerance

Downtown Development

Small business need to thrive for Royal Oak to thrive.  Too many retailers have to move away from downtown because landlords have raised their rents to an unreasonable level.  We need to work with both landlords and tenants to keep our city filled with the proper mix of retail and services

Additional corridors, such as 4th St. and 11 Mile are filled with empty buildings that need tenants.  The city should work to make these special commerce areas and provide funding to improve the streets and sidewalks in the area.


Continue to expand the city bike lane initiative, and add more bike parking downtown

Work with city manager to upgrade city buildings to energy efficient standards, saving the city money and reducing consumption.


Preserve green space and expand our tree canopy.

Improve storm water retention with smart planning and permeable surfaces to never again have a flood like the one that destroyed homes and property in August of 2014.


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