Keeping the Character of our Neighborhood

Thank you for taking time to explore how we can encourage our neighbors on the City Commission to deny the change in zoning that would allow the building of a 4 story, industrial style building in our neighborhood.  Here you'll find information on the project, a sample email you can send city commissioners, and ideas of ways to express your dislike for this radical change.

What is the Epic?

You can view the plans here.  The Epic is a series of 7 buildings, each 4 stories tall that will hold over 50 units.  Each unit will have a terrace on the 4th story that looks into your backyard.  These industrial styled buildings do not conform to the look and feel of our neighborhood.  

30 years ago the city started to change the old industrial zone from 696 to Hudson into residential units.  It's important that we don't take a step back.

What's wrong with the design?

There are multiple areas that the neighborhood doesn't agree on design, and they can be summarized in three main points:

•Neighborhood Character – This is a very industrial looking building in a single family zone

•Height – This project towers two stories over the existing neighborhood.  Balconies would tower over existing homes

•Environmental – Over 80 mature trees will be removed, changing the tree canopy of our neighborhood for 50 years and creating a heat island with all the new cement.

x Marks the Spot

An x indicates trees set for removal.  An entire grove will be lost.  

What difference YOU can make!

Let your voice be heard! Start right now with an email to all our city officials.  This lets them know before the meeting that this issue is important to our community.  You can follow this link to a sample email that can be copied and pasted, along with email address for all our commissioners.

Attend the community meeting Sunday, hosted by Mike Thompson at his house, 1210 Irving.  Mike will be providing light refreshments and cooking out hot dogs.  We have reached out to and confirmed attendance with a handful of city commissioners.  This will be our chance to have a 1-on-1 dialogue with the people who will be making the decision Monday night that will change the future of our neighborhood.

Finally, attend the city commission meeting Monday night, 7:30 at City Hall.  You don't have to speak, but just being that will let the commission know how strong our resolve is.


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